The company was started in 1991 in the Chinese province of Fujian. At the time, China was renowned for its low labor costs, and many multinational brands produced their goods there. Anta was among these producers. Anta’s founder Ding Shizhong decided to build Anta as a shoe brand after Anta became a top sportswear manufacturer Since 2001, Anta has expanded beyond shoes into apparel and sportswear. Beijing was its first offline store. In 2007, Anta submitted an IPO registration in Hong Kong. By then, it had over 5,000 stores. It rose to nearly 8,000 by 2011. Later in 2009, it acquired FILA, an Italian sports brand. In 2010, Anta started its e-commerce journey by working with Tmall, Jing Dong and VIPshop. Later, it became the business partner for the NBA, bringing lots of domestic attention to the brand as many boys in China love watching the NBA.

BRAND Presence!

Anta Sports had over 12,000 outlets at the end of 2018, including 10,000 Anta stores. These outlets are gradually transitioning to direct sales, making it easier for Anta to evaluate their success, and restock and reallocate products. And as we mentioned before, in 2010, the brand started its e-commerce journey. Its online channels are expected to contribute 20% of its annual revenue.

Why Anta!

Anta” means the spirit of the Olympic Games and the movement of products, covering the Anta culture, the soul and the nature of modern sports, showing the integration of the international, national, and professional.

“Our mission is to create an international high-end sportswear brand.”